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General Fees Revised: 6/1/2018
Stop payment / reprint of official Credit Union check $35.00 each
Official Credit Union check 5.00 each
Photocopy of official Credit Union check 10.00 each
Copies of statements 8.00 each
Ten copies and over 10.00 each
Account research (one hour minimum) 25.00 per hour
Levy on account 25.00 each
Money order 2.00 each
Money order copies                                                             8.00 each 
Money order stop payment 15.00 each
Incoming wire 10.00 each
Outgoing wire 20.00 each
International wire 35.00 each
Bal inquiry/transfer over phone (free on Audio/Web)  2.00 each
Inactive Savings Account (Regular Share) when account has been inactive for 24 months or longer 7.00 monthly
Deposited checks returned unpaid 25.00 each 
ACH Overdraft (paid) *see below for details on how we pay overdrafts  30.00 each
ACH Return Item (unpaid) 30.00 each 
ACH Originator Return 10.00 each 
Late Fee on installment loans  30.00 each
Skip-a-Payment Fee-if monthly loan pyment is $350 or less 35.00
Skip-a-Payment Fee -if monthly loan payment is over $350 55.00  each
Loan Modification Fee 60.00 each
Christmas Club early withdrawal fee 20.00 each
Notary Service for non-members (free for members) 5.00 per document  
Negative Balance Fee** for any account that remains negative for 5 or more consecutive days    5.00 per day  
Checking Account (Share Draft) Fees    
Overdraft Fee*see below for details on how we pay overdrafts 30.00 each
Return Item Fee 30.00 each
Photocopy of member check 8.00 each
Stop payment of member check 15.00 each
Stop payment of consecutive range of member checks  (per range of cks)


Account balancing assistance (one hour minimum) 20.00 per hour
Inactive Checking Account fee  (when account has been inactive for 24 months or longer) 7.00 monthly
VISA® Check Card (Debit Card) Fees     
Overdraft Fee*see below for details on how we pay overdrafts $30.00 each 
Withdrawals at ATM     1.00
Transfer done at ATM                            1.00
Balance Inquiry done at ATM .50  each

Debit Receipt Copy

20.00 each
PIN Reminder or to Change PIN
5.00 each 

Replacement Card                                                $5 first time
                                                                  $10 each subsequent time
                                                               within 12 months
 of last card

Rush Fee (for rush delivery of a card) 25.00 each

Visa Foreign Transaction Fees:
          1.00% of each multiple currency transaction (in U.S. dollars)
          0.80% of each single currency transaction (in U.S. dollars)


*For details on how we pay overdrafts, click here.  Also, please note that overdraft fees for ATM and everyday debit card transactions do not apply where the member has not opted-in to our overdraft program.  

**Negative Balance fees do not apply if the overdrawn amount consists solely of ATM and/or everyday debit card transactions and the member has not opted-in to our Overdraft Program.

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