Auto Loans


GET THE BEST DEAL on a vehicle by following these best practices:

  • Know the value of the vehicle you're purchasing and of your trade-in. You can obtain vehicle values by clicking on the Auto Buying Center below - the MSRP will show on new vehicles; used auto values are under "Resources". Our Auto Buying Center also allows you to obtain Free CarFax reports!

  • Get preapproved for an auto loan - it'll give you better leverage when negotiating a price.

  • Consider purchasing *GAP Insurance and don't overpay for it. If your vehicle is totaled or stolen, GAP insurance covers the balance left on the loan after your auto insurance settlement and any other recoverable losses are applied (for those items directly related to the purchase of the vehicle).

Our Auto Buying Center Lets You:

  • Obtain vehicle values

  • Search dealer inventory

  • Compare vehicles

  • Obtain free CarFax reports

  • Calculate monthly loan payments

  • ....and more

Watch a quick video to learn about our Auto Buying Center!


If vehicle will be used for UBER, LYFT, etc:  If the vehicle will be used to transport paying passengers, appropriate insurance is required.  Most insurance companies do not cover accidents/damages that occur when transporting paying passengers or when on the way to/from transporting them unless you have specific coverage.

Fuel Economy Guide - find out how many miles per gallon a vehicle gets. Once on the site click "Find a Car" in the upper left corner, then "Find a Car Home".

*GAP Insurance (Guaranteed Asset Protection):

This insurance product is not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by, a savings association or an affiliate of a savings association.  This insurance product is not guaranteed by NCUA, FDIC or any other agency of the United States.