The best way to avoid being scammed:

DO NOT PROVIDE PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE unless you initiate the contact.  

The Credit Union will NEVER contact you through any means (email, phone, mail) to request information about your banking credentials/account numbers.

Important Security Information You Need to Know About Online Banking:

  • If you forget your password or get locked out of your account, the ONLY way to get back into our Online Banking system is by contacting the Credit Union and having us reset your account or by clicking "Forgot Password" within the Online Banking system. If you receive any type of notice asking you to "reset" your account by clicking on a link or calling a number, contact the Credit Union immediately at our regular number (203) 374-6500. Scammers often use schemes like this to obtain user IDs and passwords which allow them to access your accounts.

  • We recommend you change your password regularly and do not disclose any of your access information to anyone who is not joint on the account(s). This information should be kept in a safe place where others cannot access it.

  • You should always review your account statements upon receipt to ensure no unauthorized transactions have occurred.

  • We are entitled to act on any instruction received under your Credit Union Online Banking ID and password. If you disclose your password to others, you are authorizing them to make Online Banking transactions and are therefore responsible for all transactions conducted by them even if the person exceeds the authority you gave them.

  • If unauthorized Online Banking transactions have occurred on your account(s), you will lose no more than $50 if you notify us within 2 business days after you learn of the loss or theft. If you do NOT notify us within two business days after you learn of the loss or theft and we could have stopped someone from taking money without your permission had you told us, you could be responsible for the entire loss or theft up to $500. If you fail to notify us within 60 days after your account statement was sent to you, any preventable losses occurring after the 60 day period may not be refundable.

  • Ways to mitigate your own risk include: using anti-virus software; installing the latest updates of your software to eliminate security vulnerabilities; installing a firewall on your internet connection; using strong passwords to access your computer; and not allowing anyone who in not a joint owner on your account(s) to access the account(s) through online banking.

If you notice suspicious account activity or think your online banking access information has been compromised, contact the Credit Union immediately at (203) 374-6500 and report it to any member of our staff.